McCauley - 3 bladed - “Sharkfin” Special - Price Before Discount £4365 | AEROART.CO.UK

New from Aeroart is our very impressive 3 bladed McCauley shark fin Special. Made from 3 McCauley Jetstream propeller blades which originally came from a five bladed propeller, the root of these blades have been shortened to allow them to fit in to a re-engineered McCauley three bladed hub and what you end up with is this very stunning three bladed hybrid display piece.  The beauty of the three bladed prop over a five bladed propeller is that it will fit in just about any home and with the reduced size hub it’s far more elegant in its appearance than the bulky five bladed alternatives.  It also completely disassembles and reassembles in just 10 - 15 minutes  so it can be transported easily.

      As usual these propellers have to be chemically stripped to remove all the paint and then painstakingly polished on both sides to a mirror finish.

    Don’t mistake this for others on the market, it’s 100% genuine and has undergone 18 stages of sanding and five stages of polishing to achieve a perfect flawless finish. Anyone can throw a “shine” on aluminium but to achieve finish like ours you have to do it the long slow way.

     Very unique and only made to order, please contact us for details.




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