Sensenich Propeller - 2 Bladed Fixed Pitch - Highly Polished - Price Before Discount £1065 | AEROART.CO.UK

Genuine 2 bladed fixed pitch aircraft propeller manufactured in the USA by Sensenich. Founded during 1932 in Pennsylvania USA, Sensenich (or Sensenichh brothers as it was known back then) were originally established by  2 brothers to make aircraft propellers from laminated wood and in 1949 they expanded into airboat propellers. During that time they established a second factory for that market at Plant City, Florida under the name Sensenich wood propeller company. During the postwar years they switch production from wood to aluminium and now they are predominantly known for their 2 bladed aluminium propellers which have been in production since the 60s.These type of propeller are fitted to many aircraft including Piper Warriors and Cessna 172s, so if you’ve ever been in a light aircraft it’s very likely it was propelled by one of these propellers.
Made from solid aircraft grade aluminium, this Propeller has done all of its flying hours and is therefore “Time Expired”. That means it could appear 100% perfect but in fact been on airworthy. All propellers have a logbook and all flying hours are logged - once they’ve done their hours, that’s it!
Once it’s arrived at Aeroart it gets chemically stripped to remove all the paint and then painstakingly polished on both sides to a mirror finish.
Don’t mistake this for others on the market, it’s 100% genuine and has undergone 18 stages of sanding and five stages of polishing to achieve a perfect flawless finish.
Currently one available in a polished finish but we do have others in the “Museum” in their original condition awaiting to be polished so please contact us before ordering to check for availability.

No two are identical and and there are many variants for each type often with the most subtle of differences. Be the envy of all your friends and have something truly unique, either stood in the corner of a room or fixed to a wall - nows your chance to own a timeless piece of aviation history.

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