Maintenance & Care

  Aeroart is not endorsed by Mequiars, but we can say wholeheartedly that this is the only product that we can recommend for maintaining the highly polished finish on your propeller.   

 Maguires NXT Generation Metal Polish is the NO. 1 product for maintaining your propeller at home. No need for any high-speed polishing mops as this can be applied with a cloth, it will remove watermarks, fingerprints, scuffs, light scratches and leaves behind protective wax barrier too.

    This is quite a dirty job so ideally wear rubber gloves and If your propeller is fixed to the wall, it’s recommended that its either removed or the surface which its mounted on is protected with sheet paper or polythene.
    Use only a brand-new micro fibre cloth, ideally from a sealed packet where no contaminants or small foreign particles could be present. Remove the label and fold the cloth insuring that the stitched edge cannot come in contact with the surface of the propeller, as this can affect the finish and even leave behind light scratches. Concentrate on a sq.ft. at a time and apply in a circular motion, after 1 to 2 minutes remove with either a brand-new microfibre cloth, or for best results use a micro fibre mitten. Repeat the process until the entire Propeller has been re-finished.
    We recommend doing this job once a year or if fingerprints or moisture have affected the finish.