Hamilton Standard 601652 - Massive 7'3" Tall - Highly Polished - NOW REDUCED £1500 off (£4225!) | AEROART.CO.UK

 Massive 7’3” Hamilton Standard Propeller blade

     Here we have the biggest propeller blade we’ve ever had for sale, a massive prop which measures in 7‘3“ tall. Recently imported from the United States, This prop is believed to come from the Lockheed Constellation however that is unconfirmed at this stage and we are still trying to find out more about this huge piece. What we do believe is that it was once originally part of a four bladed prop and if it’s not from the Lockheed Constellation then it would be from another similar large Trans-American passenger aircraft. It was manufactured in the USA by Hamilton standard and it was encased in a Copper/Nickel jacket which Hamilton Standard did to protect it from the elements. At the time this process was revolutionary and it was also a trade secret on how it was achieved. The process was also only used for a few years and the reasons for that are unknown but we believe it was because the process was too expensive, difficult if any maintenance needed to be done on the blade and also the paints of the time probably improved to a better standard rendering the process obsolete.

    As usual with propellers from Aeroart, this prop has been chemically stripped to remove all the paint and then painstakingly polished on both sides to a mirror finish, it has undergone 18 stages of sanding and five stages of polishing to achieve a perfect flawless finish.

     Shown here on our “Flame Red” base with a polished Aluminium top, colour can be changed to most standard colours and can be topped in either Aluminium, Brass or Copper - please enquire for details

   Approximately 20 Hours stripping time and 45 hours polishing time 

   Manufactured by Hamilton Standard 1950s

   100% Genuine 

   Perfect Flawless Finish

   Timeless aviation piece 

   Largest Propeller we’ve ever had 


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