McCauley 3-bladed “Sharkfin Special” Original Condition, black blades with yellow tips - Price Before Discount £3445 | AEROART.CO.UK

 3 bladed McCauley “Sharkfin Special” - Original Condition, black blades with yellow tips 

    Made from 3 McCauley Jetstream propeller blades which originally came from a five bladed propeller, the root of these blades have been shortened to allow them to fit in to a re-engineered McCauley three bladed hub and what you end up with is this very stunning three bladed hybrid display piece.  The beauty of the three bladed prop over a five bladed propeller is that it will fit in just about any home and with the reduced size hub it’s far more elegant in its appearance than the bulky five bladed alternatives.  It also completely disassembles and reassembles in just 10 - 15 minutes  so it can be transported easily.

   Built  to order, lead time approximately 6-8 weeks on this item, due to the machining work

   10% deposit required Initially, remainder on completion. 

    Nationwide delivery available, please call or email for details

 ** This ad is for the original condition 3-bladed McCauley Propeller shown in the first series of pictures-black with yellow tips. Polished options available for this Propeller at an extra fee, contact us for details.**


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