Avro Anson/Airspeed Oxford….WW2 Cheetah IX - Price Before Discount £2125 | AEROART.CO.UK

   Another rare WWII Propeller, this one is was fitted to a Cheetah IX engine as used on the Avro Anson, Air Speed Oxford and several other World War II aircraft. 

Complete in lovely condition with a brass Date plaque stamped July 1940; the same month of the Battle of Britain!
As the Spitfires and Hurricanes were battling the Luftwaffethe skies, this Propeller was being hand crafted somewhere in England. 
   We’ve not seen another one like it and the date stamp, makes it very special and unique, we’ll be very sad to see this one go. 

 Lovely original condition

Date stamped - July 1940 (Battle of Britain month) 

Laminated wooden construction


Approximately 90 inches longs

Original Paint 



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