Grumman AG CAT G-164 Propeller Blade - Hamilton Standard AG 100-2, Price Before Discount £995 | AEROART.CO.UK

Hamilton Standard AG 100-2  Propeller Blade

Manufactured in Connecticut, USA

Used and once taken from a Grumman AG CAT G-164

Price is for propeller only but its also available polished and mounted for an extra charge - please enquire for details 

Rare & Vintage

Stands 128cm / 50” 

Weight: 21kg 

Nationwide delivery available, please call or email for details

International buyers please make contact first before placing an order.

Most of our propellers are Timexed, this means they have a fulfilled their service life but often have little in the way of corrosion or visible damage and wear. They are however, strictly non-airworthy, supplied with no workshop paperwork or logbooks and are for display purposes ONLY.


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