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 Lovely original Hamilton Standard propeller taken from “Tractor of the sky” - The Ayres Thrush S2-R

The Ayres Thrush, formerly the Snow S-2,[1] Aero Commander Ag Commander, and Rockwell Thrush Commander, is an American agricultural aircraft produced by Ayres Corporation and more recently by Thrush Aircraft. It is one of the most successful and long-lived agricultural application aircraft types in the world, with almost 2,000 sold since the first example flew 63 years ago. Typical of agricultural aircraft, it is a single-seat monoplane of conventional taildragger configuration. Originally powered by a radial piston engine, most examples produced since the 1980s have been turboprop-pow

 Propeller Number: DWG 6601A-30


    We imported this prop from the States and it is currently in its original “as taken from the aircraft” condition.  

    Also available polished and mounted for an extra cost -  please enquire for details. 


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