Harrier Jump Jet Coffee Table - Rolls Royce Pegasus Engine - Low Pressure LP3 Compressor Fan - Custom Colour - Price Before Discount £10595 | AEROART.CO.UK

This Stunning coffee table is crafted from a low-pressure LP3 Compressor fan from a Rolls-Royce Pegasus engine as used in the Harrier Jump Jet. The fan has been completely disassembled, painstakingly polished to a mirror finish front and back and then very carefully reassembled, there’s over 60 hours polishing time in the fan alone!

    This one is shown with all the custom touches, including custom paint, custom brass “Wedding Band” glass supports, engraved data plate and Rolls Royce plate along and brass fittings to finish it all off

    The base is an Aeroart original design and comes with rubber cap over steel feet it incredibly strong it also won’t damage a hard floor. The LP3 fan is mounted on our custom stand which is finished in Navy Blue powdercoat with a highly polished aluminium top plate and incorporates a mirror within to give it depth. 

     The Harrier Jump Jet was an attack aircraft capable of vertical and short takeoff and landing operations.  Named after a bird of prey, designed and manufactured by Hawker Siddeley and powered by the Rolls-Royce Pegasus engine the Harrier soon became a legend of the 20th century.  Most notable was its formidable success rate in the Falkland Islands during the Argentinian war where Sea Harriers shot down 20 mirage jets while losing 0 aircraft in air-to-air combat. 


       Available in a choice of colours and finishes,  call or email for details. 

       Free Nationwide Delivery with with item.

       Made from solid titanium 

       Highly polished both sides to a mirror finish 

       Originally manufactured by Rolls-Royce 

       Last of the classic design fans 

       Rare & Historical 

   Table is shown with 120 cm diameter glass, standard glass is 127 cm (10cm overhang)

      Height 50cm  

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