Reed Propeller - DeHavilland Dragon Rapide - Highly Polished

In our opinion the most beautiful of all the two bladed props are the Reed propellers of the 1920s-1960s.
Designed by the legendary Aerospace designer and pioneer, Sylvanus Albert Reed, the man responsible for the modern metal propeller.
Reed propellers were produced under license by both Curtis in the USA and the Fairey Aviation Company in the Uk from the late 1920s through to the 1960s. These props were cast from Duralumin, an early aluminium alloy, and then forged into the wonderful "twisted" shape which was unique to a "Reed" Propeller.
His designs proved to be very successful as they were manufactured for several decades and produced in all different sizes, this meant they could be fitted to all types of aircraft including Airspeed Oxfords, De Havilland Dragon Rapides, Avro Ansons and DeHavilland Chipmunks to name just a few. It was also a Reed propeller, albeit of a different design, which was fitted to the Schneider trophy winning Supermarine SB6 air racer of the 1930s.
It was only the introduction of the variable pitch propeller that spelt an end to the Reed Propeller design but they remain now a testament of how they used to make things - stunningly beautiful without even meaning to be!
Aeroart has been lucky enough to acquire a very limited amount of Reed propellers over the last 10 years and as usual they are available in either their original condition, restored to their original form or polished highly polished to a mirror finish (An option we highly recommend for one of these) with or without tips on decals.

*Connoisseurs choice*

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