Hamilton Standard B17 Flying Fortress "Paddle Type" DWG No. 6477A-O

 Manufactured in the 1940s by Hamilton standard propeller blade taken have been taken from WW2 era Boeing B17. This type of propeller blade is known as the “paddle” type because of its distinctive broad shape. 

      The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress is a four-engined heavy bomber developed in the 1930s for the US Army Air corps. It was a well regarded  aircraft and the Americans used them in large numbers on daylight bombing raids of Germany.  It was believed at the time that if the aircraft adopted a “box formation” when flying their missions then each one would be able to protect the other because all sides of the B-17 are covered by machine guns including, the often weak underbelly where the B-17 had a ball turret gun. 

     As well as extensive use in the European theatre the B-17 also saw plenty of action in the Pacific theatre and in total almost 13,000 were produced. 

     As always this propeller has been chemically stripped to remove all the paint and painstakingly polished on both sides to a mirror finish.  It has undergone 18 stages of sanding and 5 stages of polishing to achieve a perfect flawless finish. Mounted on a custom-made base powdercoated in authentic olive drab paint finished with a highly polished aluminium top. 


     Manufactured in the USA

     Highly polished both sides

     WW2 era

     Approximately 66 inches tall

     Rare and Historical 

     Hamilton Standard DWG No. 6477A-0



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